About Jane Parmel

Jane Parmel has a quite colorful background encompassing varied experiences and work experiences.

Jane holds a both a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and a Master of Science degree in Education.  She was an educator in middle school, as well as Science Department head and led many after-school programs for the schools she taught in.  She also served as coaches for girls’ softball, swimming and gymnastics programs.

For over twenty-three years, Jane and her partner, Rae Russo, have run a successful event planning and management business serving the Tri-State area of New York City. Founding TFL Party Planners, Rae worked on sales while Jane was tasked with the creation of operational processes for brick and mortar as well as e-commerce businesses, handling administrative, marketing, human resources, sales, product management, and accounting.

She created the NYC Balloon Network, conducting programs and seminars within the Balloon Decorating Industry, teaching at national and international conferences and created one of the most successful balloon decorating and delivery businesses in the country.

Volunteering alongside her parents as a child, teenager and adult instilled the value of giving back to the community – a role she takes on eagerly. Jane continues as a volunteer and community activist, a networking professional that connects people with others that lead to mutually beneficial relationships.  She has served as President of the Board of Directors, managing a 72-unit condominium complex as well as her tenure as Secretary and President in BNI Done Deals in Brooklyn, NY.

Jane has been speaking and performing in front of audiences, large and small since she was young.  She has a natural ease and quirky sense of humor when speaking and her presentations are very entertaining.  Jane looks for other business owners who need an advisor, consultant and cheerleader to start or reboot their business, making them more profitable in the process!

In 2017, Jane created Lighthouse Creative Management, a management consulting company.  The focus of this company is to work with coaches, entrepreneurs, and professionals to provide specific services – guided start-up programs for entrepreneurs just beginning their journey and organizational programs based on Lean Six Sigma to bring sanity back to small business owners.  She is also sharing her over 25 years of experience in the Hospitality & Event Management field to teach professionals and business owners the power of hosting their own events to grow their audience.  Bringing an increase to the financial bottom line as well as the emotional one through the power of systems is Lighthouse Creative Management’s primary goal.

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