In 2017, I lost my mom.  The person who gave me the most encouragement, the person who drove me crazy without even trying, the one who I could debate, discuss and debrief with at any time of the day; in an instant, she was gone.

A friend of mine attended the funeral service, as she had for my dad ten years earlier.  Seeing her at the back of the church that day, I was a bit surprised as she had attended the wake the night before – I know how busy she always is so to come again the next day, I was surprised.

A few weeks after that, I received a call from my friend.  She was curious about how I was doing, what I was up to and if I needed anything.  She also asked me if I would be interested in helping her with projects at the workplace.  It was something I was always interested in and she knew that I brought a special set of skills to the projects I ran – it was something she wanted to incorporate with her team.

And so began the first steps for a new company, what would become Lighthouse Creative Management.  The lighthouse is a special symbol, connecting me back to my grandmother’s roots – the lighthouse at Europa Point at the southern tip on the Rock of Gibraltar.   A symbol of hope and strength, the lighthouse stands to remind sailors that even in the worst of storms, the lighthouse provides a safe harbor; a place where you can dock, refresh and reset, figuring out what is needed to go back out and sail on to their purpose.

Lighthouse Creative Management is poised to make a difference, an impact and be a light to guide coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals to higher levels for their businesses, their missions and themselves.

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