Crook? Gambler? Joke?

Crook? Gambler? Joke?

I have been shaking my head for a week or so now.  I cannot understand how certain public figures seem to think that whatever it is that they do wrong, a society of amnesia victims will vote them, watch them and continue to promote them, regardless.

In my recollection, the title of this article probably refers to the “famous firsts” with major scandals – or rather, the “firsts” to be caught.  We are embroiled in perhaps the dumbest election in New York City’s history – perhaps even the country’s history.  Marion Barry, conviction and reelections aside (you D.C.’ers know that one all too well), this election season gives us a “middle aged, perpetually horny” candidate for mayor and a confessed client of the world’s oldest profession, running for City Comptroller.

One really has to think about what is going on here.

I was all of about 6 or 7 years old when then President Richard Nixon first denied his involvement, then resigned the office of President over something that, in today’s world almost seems inconsequential; a break-in to Democratic headquarters – all to win an election.  The Watergate hearings featured H.R. Haldeman and John Erlichman and a lot of intrigue.  I also remember similar hearings when certain other President’s men were deep into the thick of things with “Iran-Contra” and illegal arms deals.  Well we all know how that saga played out and for those of us who lived through the September 11th attacks, the actions of those men led us down a path, changing the world forevermore.

One could not imagine living through a second possible impeachment of a United States President but “deny, deny, deny” didn’t seem to get Clinton off the hook either.  His supportive wife even caught hell for “standing by her man” – it really is up to her so we should all keep our opinions to ourselves, now shouldn’t we?  If Huma Abedin wants to be the new Hillary,  it is her choice, whether you like it or not.  She has to sleep with him as they say – but Anthony Weiner needs to admit that be he an ordinary citizen, like the rest of us, he, his family and his career would be toast!

Bringing me to more men of position and power – Major League Baseball wants to ban certain players involved in the Biogenesis Drug scandal.  Great! Players like Rodriguez and Braun should be banned, season-long or lifetime.  Players like McGwire, Sosa, Bonds and Clemens broke records and re-wrote baseball history. An abuse of power and record-breaking play should also be called into question with these players.  No asteriks here – they should be stripped of records and banned for life also.  Ruth, Gerhig, and Maris DID NOT do what these modern day players did.  Pete Rose bet on games – a team sport, difficult for one person to throw, but possible. But in the larger scheme of things?  Poor judgement and gambling is not the same as steroid use and the toll it takes on a human body, not to mention the tarnishing of long standing records. .

Spitzer?  Need you ask?

And yet, all of these men can’t seem to understand the criticism.  “It was in the past; I’m sorry and I’ve changed” is the tag line for this year’s candidates.  I guess everyone can change – I don’t believe that a leopard can’t change its spots – I do believe that people can atone and turn their lives around.  Living a reasonably normal existence in society as a relatively non-publicized individual is well within the realm of possibility for anyone. To blatantly flaunt your political or famous persona with an “Oh gee, I really am sorry” attitude while you seek to recover the powerful lifestyle you had, is a hard pill to swallow.

The dumbest election ever?  Maybe.  Do you think maybe its not about this being the dumbest election with candidates who have no right on a moral ground to run, but rather those very candidates who are looking at their constituents thinking, “They’re dumb – they won’t remember”.

Let’s see what happens in November…..