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So I am trying to get the word out there about A Vivid Imagination and I truly thank all of you who have chosen to subscribe to this crazy compilation of strange ramblings!  It always amazes me when I check up on my subscriber list and see a few more people added to the list – I can’t believe anyone would want to read about what I am thinking!


I have to ask you for some help….


Pretty Pleeeeaaasssse?????

If you are a Twitter user (a Tweeter, if you will), please follow me @vvdimagination.  Sometimes short notes, pending writings, questions to you and requests for comments will show up there too!

I am also working on a Facebook Page but need to pull some more background stuff together (pictures, writings, etc.) before I could even ask you to check out my page!

Any follows would be greatly appreciated!

I promise if you “follow”, I’ll try not to get us lost!!  : D